Welcome to Infinity

We are a design & build bowling company that manufactures custom themed Full-Sized TenPin, Mini or DuckPin bowling alleys

We stand ready to build YOUR perfect system!

Our Only Business, Bowling

Infinity Bowling – Manufacturer of the Infinity Bowling Attractions was established to provide scaled down versions of traditional OVER size bowling venues.

Our space friendly attractions are perfect for your home, an anchor attraction in a fun-center or a show-piece to keep & attract patrons in a bar, nightclub or eatery.

We stand READY to design a system for you

Infinity manufactures the most realistic bowling alleys on the market today.  Pinsetters, lanes, ball returns, pins, balls, we provide it all.

We prefer to custom design a bowling system for your style, your footprint and your theme, as opposed to the “one-size-fits-all” canned repetitive themes.

Have it Your Way

Infinity offers a variety of bowling systems starting with the original mini bowler MiniLane™ a 50% to scale tenpin bowling system.

A couple offsprings of MiniLane™ is our Midway Bowling Attraction developed for the Six Flags Amusement parks.  Ninja Mini-Bowl debuted on DIY’s hit network program, “The Vanilla Ice Project.”

If you want the real McCoy Infinity’s Full-Size TenPin bowling system can be modified to fit your bowling room.  Ranging in length from 34′ to regulation 80′ with full-size sanctioned pins & balls.

DuckPin bowling is our most popular attraction.  DuckPin is not a space eater nor is it a kids arcade game like Mini Bowling.  It is the perfect hybrid bowling system.  

The Dude Abides . . . and finally Bowls

In the movie “The Big Lebowski,” Jeff Bridges plays an avid bowler called The Dude.  The Oscar winner tells Sunday TODAY’s Willie Geist how the iconic character prepared to hit the lanes.

Jeff explains his inspiration of how “The Dude” prepares to bowl, he invokes the spirit of Ed Norton from Jackie Gleason’s “The Honeymooners.”

The stage is set on Infinity’s “real wood” tongue & groove hard rock maple lanes featured at The FishBowl in The Dream Hotel, Midtown Manhattan. (Shown left)

Click on the NBC icon to view the Sunday TODAY show (Time 2:22)

Visit the FishBowl @ The Dream Hotel NYC: http://fishbowlnyc.com/

DuckPin Bowling "America’s New Hangout"

Customers are Flocking to our DuckPin Bowling concept at Hoppin’ Vines in Cincinnati OH.  Hoppin features Craft Beers, Fine Wines, Spirts, Coal Fired Pizza & Infinity DuckPin Bowling.  This is “America’s New Hangout.” 

Demographics for this site span socio-economic, age and cultural spectrums. This suburban bar & eatery brings families together along with hipsters’ that dig it, genXers’ strike it, millennials’ thrive it & baby boomers’ can still do it!

The average length of guest stay is OVER 3 hours per visit with a 3 hour waiting list. This is bowling on steroids with Soaring Profits!