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Let us take YOUR Bowling to Infinity & Beyond!

Infinity is your bowling solution, we provide custom themed Full-Sized, Mini or DuckPin bowling alleys for your venue

Joseph Ward Simmons a.k.a. REV RUN

“Infinity you Rock! Now a kid from Queens has a home bowling alley.”

Joseph Ward Simmons a.k.a. REV RUNRev Run’s Renovation
Rob Van Winkle a.k.a. VANILLA ICE

“Who’s Got a “Real” Bowling Alley in their house? WEEE do!”

Rob Van Winkle a.k.a. VANILLA ICEThe Vanilla Ice ProjectDIY NETWORK - Watch Bowling Episode

Searching for a Bowling Alley for your Business or a Bowling Alley for your Private Home?  Search no further.  Infinity is the PREMIER provider of commercial & residential Bowling Attractions.

For bowling in your home we offer the ULTIMATE entertainment show-piece that your ENTIRE family can enjoy. Your friends and neighbors will be amazed that you have a REAL bowling alley.  A Family that “Rolls” together stays together.

Bowling for your business we can create a MAJOR anchor attraction.  Bowlers eat & drink while they participate, driving more food & beverage sales.  Your average length of stay per guest increases and you attract a brand-new customer base.  Let us show you how to maximize YOUR bowling attraction’s potential.

Be prepared to have your guests exclaim . . .

Wow this place has Bowling!

The “BUZZ” is that the Infinity Bowling attractions are “LIGHTYEARS” ahead of the competition. Our specialty is manufacturing realistic mini or full-size bowling alleys.

Your turnkey bowling system will include Automated String Pinsetters and ball return system, Computerized Score Keeping, Glow-in-the-dark Lanes, Real Gutters, Pins and Balls.  All of our Bowling Attractions are built-to-scale and designed to fit YOUR location.

As you know the object of bowling is to roll a ball down a lane to knock down pins, though that’s really only ONE way to play out of many.

There are many other forms of bowling, including American tenpin, German ninepin, Canadian fivepin, Maryland duckpin bowling; both hard duckpin & rubber duckpin bowling.  Infinity provides full-size & mini equipment for all of these forms of bowling.

DIY Networks Reality TV Show “Rev Run’s Renovation” showcased our “Real” Mini Bowling Alley with Full Size Balls & Pins all in 34′ x 6.5′ space. For a video presentation of Rev’s Basement Bowling Installation CLICK on the TV LINK Run time is less than 2 minutes.

460892742_640Watch the entire DIY presentation of the Infinity Bowling Lane from conception to completion.  The bowling installation is part of the complete renovation of the Joseph Simmons family basement.

Click on the Rev Run thumbnail and you will be linked to  The PASSWORD to view the show is revrun.  Run time is 22 minutes commercial free.

The Infinity Bowling Lane was featured on Season 6 of the Vanilla Ice Project.  Rob Van Winkle and his team of Ninja’s transform another Florida Real Estate disaster into an Ultra Modern Crib.

The Ninja Lane was born and debuted on this DIY network’s presentation.  Click on the VIP Link to see the bowling episode “Strike-Zone”.  Ninja Bowl is a “Real” Bowling Alley that can fit any home. (22ft x 5ft)

Our Commitment to You:

Our Goal

Our goal is to create a major SHOWPIECE Attraction for your business or your Private Home.

Our Mission

Our mission is simple; provide you the very BEST, real-action bowling system. Period.

Our Pledge

Our pledge is to serve you and EXCEED your expectations.

Our Passion

Our Passion is for our ONLY business. Bowling.

Our Newest Sensation … DuckPin Bowling

DuckPin Bowling is a very real bowling game born in the early 1900’s at the old Diamond Alleys in Baltimore, MD.  DuckPin is the ORIGINAL small ball game, a hybrid of TenPin & Mini Bowling.

DuckPins are played on a full size regulation TenPin lane with small balls, small ball gutters & an unique bowling pin.  This game of skill scores like TenPin bowling but you are allowed and extra throw each frame to pick up your spare.

DuckPin is more real & more fun than mini bowling.  It is not just a kids game … adults love it & everyone in the family will enjoy this very real bowling attraction.  Demographics for this attraction span the socio-economic, age and cultural spectrums.

Infinity has revitalized this classic bowling game by providing modern pinsetters, scoring & lanes plus we offer “real” wood bowling lanes.  DuckPin is a game of skill and legend is a perfect 300 game has yet be thrown.

There is nothing MINI about DuckPin Bowling your profits will SOAR!

Infinity DuckPin Bowling as seen @ Park MGM – Las Vegas

Single Lane Units


Dual Lane Units


4-6 Lane Attractions


8 Lanes & Up

Boutique Party Rooms

Small Ball Party Room

Corporate Chains

ESPN Monitor

Glow Lanes


Full Size Pinsetters

BB Vegas 2

Private Homes


Duck Pin Bowling

Our Features:

Automatic Pinsetting


Click on Photo

See a YouTube video of the most reliable, easy to care for Pinsetter in Action

Different Pin Games


Your choice of pin games:

Traditional TenPin

German NinePin

Canadian FivePin

DuckPin Bowling

Ball Return Systems

Small Ball or Full Size
Ball Returns

Gravity Fed System No motors or parts to elevate the ball

Plan for your Bowling Party & Settee Area

Bowlers eat & drink while they play. Provide them an enjoyable enviroment to spend money

Location, Location

neon bowl 24

Bowling is a destination attraction

When looking for space for your bowling attraction

Keep in mind that the least desirable square footage in your facility, even a basement, might be the best location

Boutique Bowling Rooms

For the ultimate attraction let’s create a Bowling Room

Corporate Events, Birthday Parties, Church Groups, Daycare Facilities, School Programs all are ripe targets to market to

You can even form Bowling Leagues

Bowlers Settee Party Area

Plan for space in front of your bowling attraction

Provide tables, chairs, even comfortable couches & tables

A beverage rail with stools on the side of the attraction is another consideration

Bowling is a Party Magnet

Hand Holding Hot Dog in NapkinBowlers have been conditioned to eat & drink during play

Take advantage of this GUARANTEED increase in food & beverage sales

Accommodate your guests with a settee & party area

Our Boutique Bowling & Party Rooms

BOUTIQUE BOWLING PARTY ROOMS are quite the corporate & social draw

Package Food & Beverage with your Bowling Parties

Infinity Provides Custom Layout & Design

Your Bowling Room Awaits!

A Few of Our Bowling Venues

Private Homes – Bars – Restaurants – FEC – Nightclubs – Hotels – Resorts – Residential Communities


Let’s Get the Ball Rolling!

For a Quotation Call or Click Today: