Infinity DuckPin Bowling for Sale or Lease

Funding is available for Commercial Projects Only

Do your homework & be prepared

Your best form of financing is to start with your local bank.  The more a funding institution knows about you and your operations the better they can provide the optimal funding rate and solution. 

Infinity does have working relationships for equipment financing & leasing entities that are familiar with our bowling equipment and the revenue potentials.  We can get projects funded and have approved a wide range of customers.

Always keep in mind the strength of your credit report and experience you have with the business you plan to invest in will determine your funding rate and whether your project is feasible to fund.

Advantages of Leasing Equipment

The primary advantage of leasing business equipment is less initial expense that it allows you to acquire assets with minimal up-front expenditures.  Because equipment leases rarely require a down payment, you can obtain your bowling attraction without significantly affecting your cash flow.

Pricing for your Equipment Package

Systems are quoted in single & dual-lane configurations.  We have package pricing including pinsetters, lanes, ball returns & computerized scoring for single-lane systems to 24+ lane showpieces.

Financial Services we Provide

Quotations include detailed Investment Analysis & Income Projections.  For a fee, Turnkey Start up Business Plans & Site Demographic Studies can be sourced and provided for your project.

Flexible Terms

Terms can vary from 1 to 10 years (12 to 120 months).  Seasonal & skip payment plans can be arranged.  In most cases your first lease / finance payment is all that is needed to get equipment headed your way.

Start up Funding

Starting from scratch with no proven track record is always a challenge to fund but not impossible.  The strength of your credit report will determine your funding rate.  Before you apply first perfect your business plan, get your credit report in order, consider offering collateral and you may have to consider investing some of your own money.

Get Pre-Qualified

There is NO obligation to get your project pre-qualified for funding.  Give us or our funding partners a call and we will arrange a consult.

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