Why Invest in DuckPin Bowling?

Because Everyone Can Go Bowling!

Demographics for Bowling Span the Socio-Economic, Age & Cultural Spectrums

LetsGoBowlingdemographic_NEWDuckPin Bowling is an attractive investment because everyone can Go Bowling!  Demographics for bowling span the Physical, Socio-Economic, Age & Cultural spectrums. 

There are very few limitors concerning age, disability, occupation or race.  From the CEO to the Janitor Mom, Dad, Brother or Sister Grandma & Grandpa Boyfriends or Girlfriends all like to bowl. 

Guys or Girls night out Date Night School or Church Events Birthday Celebrations Corporate Outings

There is always an occasion to bowl Target yours

You have the opportunity to provide the place they will want to go.  Bowling will enhance your ability to become the primary provider of FUN & leisure entertainment in your area.

Welcome to America’s New Hangout DuckPin Bowling

DuckPin bowling is our most popular attraction.  DuckPin is not a space eater nor is it a kids arcade game like Mini Bowling.  It is the perfect hybrid bowling system.

Families are brought together to bowl along with all generations including hipsters that dig it millennials’ thrive it GenXers’ strike it and baby boomers’ can still do it!

Infinity DuckPin fits most anywhere & requires ONLY one-third the space of traditional bowling.  Locations are experiencing long waiting lists to bowl and per guest stays average over 3 hours per visit.

Start your own Social Bowling Network.

This is Bowling Re-Imagined Welcome to the new ERA of Bowling

Infinity DuckPin Bowling can typically pay for itself in less than 12 months’ time.  This can yield quite a first year gain.  Properly priced & promoted there are Infinity sites averaging over 8 hours of bowling play every day with payback in 90 days!

EXTRA MUSTARD – Food & drink revenues are perfect revenue complements.  Unlike any other activity, bowlers eat a lot, drink a lot and have a bunch of fun while participating.  For every dollar spent on bowling, Two to Three times as much can be spent on food & beverage during a game of bowling!

Our Bowling Attractions are built to last, without planned obsolescence, there is a proven 30 year plus life-cycle for our pinsetters & lanes.  After your initial outlay of funds for the capital equipment, there is virtually no marginal cost involved in the selling of a game of bowling once the asset is paid for.

You are investing in a CLASSIC attraction, not a novelty game that is going to die off in 6 months.  Once paid for the attraction is pure profit.  Evaluate the investment over a 5 year period … a 10 year period … Even after 20 years this baby performs.

Bowling is a Proven Destination Attraction

BEC Layout 24 Lanes 6 minilane - ArcadeTraditional bowling centers are proven destination showplaces, a testament to the popularity of the attraction.

Adding Infinity Bowling can make a good thing even better.

Bowling centers that include Infinity DuckPin or Ninja mini bowling to their traditional bowling business have expanded their demographic appeal. 

Smaller kids, even toddlers, bowl sooner and seniors can continue the sport they have long enjoyed.

Small Ball Party Room LayoutWhether you are a bowling proprietor looking to reconfigure the number of lanes in your center or a FEC planning an expansion or a new investor looking for a major attraction for your venue, Infinity Bowling makes dollars and sense.

The TenDuck Arcade

This floor plan represents the same space that (6) lanes of full size bowling with a 3′ side aisle would require.

(6) traditional lanes of bowling can be transformed into (6) 32′ Infinity DuckPin Bowling Lanes.

We can use the last 1/3 of the lanes, replace the pinsetters, use existing lanes, kickbacks and ball pit area.    

Add a redemption arcade with (2-3) billiard tables, (30-40) redemption games with a fully stocked prize counter.  (Layout 125′ x 37.5′)


  • Bowling is a lifetime sport and knows no age or physical barrier.  It is easily the favorite sport for family together participation.
  • Bowlers spend the most dollars on recreation and entertainment. They consume more food & beverages while participating than any other recreational activity.
  • Bowling is the number one participation sport in the United States. Close to 70 million people bowl at least once every year. 
  • Bowling is an indoor recreation sport that is enjoyed year round. Day or night, rain or shine, anytime is the right time to go bowling.


  • Bowling is a cash business with little or no account receivables, inventory costs, spoilage or bad debt exposure.
  • Bowlers do other things while they bowl.  Ancillary income sources such as food, beverage, vending and arcade games contribute an additional 50 – 60% of total revenue.  If you plan to accommodate for party play, many cases this number totals over 200 – 300% of the bowling revenues.
  • Since the invention of the automatic pinsetter in the 1950’s, bowling has enjoyed consistent popularity during good and bad economic times. There are actually more bowlers participating in the sport today than there were in the bowling “boom” era of the late 1950’s.
  • Bowling is an unique industry in that few, if any direct costs are incurred in the production of the product. After the initial outlay of capital for equipment, there is virtually no marginal cost involved in the selling of a game of bowling. The obvious result is the ability to increase the volume of business (revenues) while incurring little, if any, additional expense.


  • Bowling has more registered, dues-paying participants than any other sport in the world.
  • More than 100 million people in 90 countries bowl at least one game a year.
  • More than 12 million people around the world compete in organized bowling leagues.
  • Nearly 4.5 million people in the United States are registered, dues-paying league bowlers.
  • The US Bowling Congress, is the largest group of registered, dues paying male athletes.
  • Close to 70 million people in the United States bowl at least one game a year.
  • Total annual bowling revenues in America is over $5 billion.
  • Bowling is one of the oldest sports in the world. It was played in Egypt as early as 5,200 B.C.
  • Established in 1912, Bowler’s Journal is the oldest monthly sports magazine in America.
  • The governing body of Bowling, was organized in 1895.
  • The US Bowling Congress Tournament is the largest annual men’s & women’s sports event in the world.
  • The bowling industry spends far more money than any other sport on airlines, hotels & restaurants