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Alley or Lane Bed – Surface on which the ball is rolled.

Approach –  The space extending back from the foul line used to make the steps and delivery.

Blow – A miss or an error failing to covert a spare other than a split.

Deadwood – Pins that have been knocked down.

Dead ball – A weak ball that has lost its drive, rotation, or forward thrust

Double – Two consecutive strikes.

DuckPin – Welcome to America’s new hangout!

Foul – Touching the foul line or beyond in any way when delivering the ball.

Frame – A frame consists of two chances to knock down ten pins. There are ten frames in a game of bowling.

Gutter ball – An errant ball that enters the gutter before reaching the pins.

Head pin – The number one pin.

Hook – A ball that initially moves straight down the alley & curves towards the pin.

Kegler – German for a bowler.

King pin – The number 5 pin. It is a key pin to produce a strike a light pocket hit can leave this pin still standing.

Leave – Pins not knocked down on the first ball.

Open – A frame having neither a spare or strike.

Spare – To knock down with the second throw the pins standing left after the first throw.

Strike – Knocking down all ten pins with the first effort.

Strike out – Making three strikes in the tenth frame.

Triple or Turkey – Three consecutive strikes.

300 game – A perfect game consisting of 12 strikes in a row.

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