Welcome to Infinity

We are a design & build bowling company that manufactures custom themed DuckPin Social Bowling or Full-Sized TenPin bowling alleys

We stand ready to build YOUR system!

Pinhouse – University of Arkansas

The "Original" Short-Lane Bowling Attraction

Infinity started the short lane social bowling craze 25 years ago with the original small ball bowler MiniLane™ a 50% to scale tenpin bowling system.

Midway Bowling was developed for the Six Flags Amusement parks.  Ninja-Bowl debuted on Rob Van Winkle’s DiY TV hit series, “The Vanilla Ice Project.”

Infinity’s Full-Size TenPin system premiered on DiY networks presentation of Rev Run’s Renovation, the family’s basement was transformed into a national show-piece. 

Social DuckPin Bowling is by far our most popular attraction.  All of our experience has led to the most Authentic DuckPin Bowling system on the market.  Infinity Diamond DuckPin™ Bowling is not a space eater nor is it a kids arcade game.

Bowling is our ONLY Business

Infinity manufactures the most realistic bowling alleys on the market today.  Pinsetters, lanes, pins, custom ball returns & custom balls, we provide it all.

We prefer to custom design a bowling system for your style, your footprint and your theme, as opposed to the “one-size-fits-all” canned repetitive themes.

You Provide the Space we will fit bowling in it

Our space friendly attractions are perfect for your business or home.  The Diamond DuckPin™ Social Bowling Attractions are an anchor draw in a fun center, or as a major show-piece to attract and retain customers in a bar, nightclub or eatery.